Megha Nayar


Hello, I'm Megha. It's great to meet you!

I wrote code for the first time in middle school: C++ on a piece of paper. My school in Cochin, India, didn't have enough computers to run everyone's code, so my early experience with programming was brief and uneventful. After high school, I attended NIFT in Chennai, India's most selective design university, where I studied design for four semesters. But in 2020, my family finally received green cards after a 20-year wait and moved to America, settling in Chicago.

In Chicago, a decade after those handwritten C++ assignments, I tried programming again. It turns out, writing code is actually a lot of fun when you have a computer to run it on! I started building projects with JavaScript and Python and learning web fundamentals with HTML and CSS. After transferring to The University of Illinois, Chicago, I deepened my study of computer science and software development.

I've combined my background in design with my knowledge of web technologies to specialize in front-end development. I enjoy designing and building engaging user experiences and care about making my projects accessible. If you're interested in collaborating, please get in touch. I look forward to discovering what we build together!